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Just the tip of the iceberg, these are a few ways Jeff connects with his followers


Jeffrey publishes fiction and non-fictional books, especially in the military genre

Veteran's View

Jeffrey produces a monthly subscription based short story collection called A Veterans's View supporting veterans and their experiences

Life Blog

Jeffrey manages a blog about life, sharing his experiences from combat, life hardships and more with coaching benefits and real experiences

Coming Soon American Terrorist Series Book 2 "Retaliation"

What Readers Say

Real Fans Speaking Nothing But Truth
The American Terrorist

David Hawes

Marine Corps Veteran

This book is a wild ride about a character facing and enduring hardships that reflect real time events of situations that people may faced!! Jared is a badass! This will emotionally roll your heart up and down hill with smiles, laughs, tears, and motivation. Get this on your list ASAP! Veteran written, well done. Thanks for the book and looking towards the series!!!

Emily Archer Kidwell

Emily Archer Kidwell

United States Marine

I’m not big on reading, so I downloaded the Audible version of the American Terrorist. I was hooked from the very beginning, and did not want to stop listening! Following GySgt Tremble’s journey was enthralling and intense. Just do yourself a favor and get this book. I cannot wait to read (or listen to) more from Jeffrey Sabins!

Cassidy Kauffman

Cassidy Kauffman


"The American Terrorist" definitely keeps you on your feet and wondering what’s going to happen next! I listened to it every day to and from work, sometimes being late to work because I wanted to finish a chapter! This book really does paint a picture in your mind and makes you feel like you are right there with the characters. Although the book is fiction, I could certainly see it being a true story.

Life Blog

Real Life Experiences, Real Life Choices, Real Life Consequences

The American Terrorist Series Book 2 “Retaliation” Chapter Preview

I know...I know... y'all are extremely unhappy. Now listen here, life has got in the way, retirement was happening, things kind of got a little hectic. Well, the time has come. Not only is Book 2 of the series well on it's way for release, but the series is expanding to an even larger perimeter. Gunny Tremble continues to shock the world with his outside the law measures, and "Retaliation" is no different. Enjoy a free The American Terrorist Series Book 2 "Retaliation" Chapter Preview

Leadership Model or Food For Thought

Overall, the military leadership style is a fast paced, situational theory based model. One where the leader must be able to read unit actions, respond to new challenges and teams often, and be invested with molding the future leaders of the military.

Chaotic Battle Lessons

All warriors will tell you, war fighting is something that doesn't go away, always showing up in your mental state when least expecting it. So what chaotic battle lessons can we take from war?

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