Retaliation Book 2 The American Terrorist Series (Free Preview)

Chapter One

The Woman

March 5th 2020

Jared could see the small group ahead, preparing to walk inside the mansion-like house. All five men were dressed in suits, staying in a tight circle. Within the past two hours of following them, Jared knew that four of them were carrying a weapon under their coats. This could only mean that they were protecting the one without a weapon. The one that Jared was interested in. 

They stayed in their formation as they walked up the steep steps, with the government official remaining in the middle. He was on his phone, which was evident ever since they stepped out of the vehicle. He was shouting at someone on the other end, obviously trying a power move using technology.

Jared knew men like this all his life. They would shout when others were around to hear. They would write threatening emails while authoritative figures were carbon copied to read. However, when face to face with an adversary, they were calm and non-confrontational.  The official never once acknowledged any of the other men protecting him either, something else typical of these type of individuals.

People like that got under Jared’s skin, made his anger flare back up almost immediately. He still needed to get that checked out, maybe even sign up for a little therapy. Ever since Katie died, the hatred inside of him never ceased, not even slightly. Not that is matters, it made jobs like this that much easier. It only appeared to be a downfall when he was around his children. When tasked to something horrible, he excelled. 

Suddenly at the bottom of the steps, to the left, a woman with a baby stroller stumbled and fell. The front wheel of the stroller must have hit something, causing it to fall over on its right side. Jared didn’t see a child though, it appeared to be a small dog. This didn’t stop her from crying though, obviously upset from what had happened. She appeared to be hurt from the encounter. 

Two of the four men securing the government official turned around to see what the turmoil was about, where the crying was coming from. As soon as they could see that a woman was crying, they walked down the stairs to help her out. One picked up the stroller with the dog still in it, placing it back on its tires. He pushed it back and forth a few times to ensure it still worked.

The second man pulled the woman off the ground, appearing to ask her if she was alright. Appearing to be frustrated, the government official had turned around and was shouting at the two men. They quickly guided her along, trying to get her moving before the official got too upset. He had put his phone down and began to shout, yelling angrily at the two security guards. 

This was it, the opening that Jared was looking for. The shot was clear, so Jared took it without hesitation. He pulled the trigger straight back to the rear, firing a .338 Lapua Magnum. The shot was smooth, a clean impact into the cerebellum of the government official. He fell mid shout, crumpling into a ball on the steps. 

The security guards immediately went to his aide, trying to decide if he was dead or alive. There was no need to check, Jared already knew the answer. He had done this many times before in the last four months.  He was skilled at this, with many years in the Marine Corps prior to his new job.  

He had already taken down one terrorist organization, the Army of Islam, within six weeks. That was personal though, the leader had killed his wife, Katie. Now Jared worked for General Rogers as a private contractor, taking down corrupt government officials so they could move in their own people and create their own legislation for their benefit. It paid the bills and Jared was good at it. 

One thousand meters away, Jared had already climbed down from the abandoned five story building with his gear, jumping into an old truck that looked similar to a Ford Ranger. He had to get back to his private plane, so he could get back home in time for Cayden’s birthday. He started the truck and began to drive normally along the 15 miles journey to his plane. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself. 

Up ahead was the woman with the stroller. Jared slowed down to a stop and pulled out his phone. Hitting the send button, he looked up at her. After ten seconds, she looked up and smiled at Jared, giving him a wink. She pulled her jacket hood over her head and began to walk away. Now that she was paid, Jared had to move. He still had to buy a new iPad at the airport when he landed. Cayden would not be happy if Jared forgot the one gift he asked to receive for his birthday.

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