Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Military book “The American Terrorist” by Jeffrey Sabins

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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Military book “The American Terrorist” by Jeffrey Sabins, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

The American Terrorist (American Terrorist Series Book 1) by Jeffrey Sabins takes us deep inside the Iraqi conflict, with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jared Tremble. Jared joined the army straight out of high school and is now a veteran of numerous campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and even the Horn of Africa. He is well respected and extremely good at his role as part of a Marine Corps unit. Jared, however, has had enough. He feels the government and the army top brass have been lying consistently to the troops and that they should not even be there, fighting in some foreign land against an enemy that is simply trying to live its purpose and faith. The crunch time has come for Jared and he has decided on an audacious plan to try to gain some meaning in his life. Jared will walk out of camp one night and join the Army of Islam to fight against his former brothers-in-arms – Jared will become a traitor. Bereft and lost, he sees this as the only way to put some meaning back into his existence. He is tired of fighting for cowards and liars who use the troops on the ground as their proxies to gain power and influence over the region. Gunnery Sergeant Jared Tremble is about to go rogue!

This book is the first in a planned trilogy of books involving the characters introduced in the novel. Author Jeffrey Sabins, as a Marine himself, clearly has a deep understanding and empathy for the characters in the story. The development of his main character Jared Tremble and the attempt to understand his state of mind at the time of his desertion is well written. The author raises valid questions about the purpose of the war in the Middle East and the general response of the “grunts” on the ground that are required to prosecute it. The action scenes (of which there are plenty) are clearly written from the perspective of one who has seen action himself and this lends realism and veracity to the carnage that is war, especially war waged close up against a determined and driven foe. As a debut novel and as one that sets the scene for future iterations, I felt the author had achieved his objective of the reader investing in his main character and wanting to follow more of his adventures. I look forward to seeing the style and scope of this author’s work develop in future books in the series. A good, solid effort for a debut novel in my opinion.”

You can learn more about Jeffrey Sabins and “The American Terrorist” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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Jeffrey Sabins

Jeffrey Sabins is a Marine, award winning content writer, and author of the military thriller The American Terrorist. A professionally proven infantryman, Jeffrey has spent the last sixteen years conducting over 5 combat deployments, training young Marines, and experiencing life changing moments that allows him to write giving his characters palpable spark! Not only has he experienced the worst moments of war, but also has seen challenges on the homefront as well. Preparing for the day in November of 2009, his son Carter was discovered to have a brain tumor. Through these constant struggles, Jeffrey continues to share his experiences and ensure that others facing these hardships can see the good. Jeffrey continues to spread awareness and share reflections on his website Jeffrey currently has a B.A. in Terrorism Studies, finishing his M.S. in Leadership, and has other profesional certificates to aid him in his writing journey. Jeffrey is the recipient of the 2009 Carlos Hathcock Award, The Purple Heart, and numerous personal awards. Additionally, he has conducted operations in over 14 countries worldwide.


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