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This is one reason I started writing, publishing my work to the masses. To help others, to let them know there are different paths you can take while marching in the darkness. Even those that feel trapped, can escape the demons that are constantly pulling. To enable that feature of enabling others to heal, is through my site Not only to publish work, but to disseminate the word of others.

There isn’t a better way to do that than by starting my interview section with none other than my friend, Andrew Farrer, the Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Regional Coordinator for Tennessee.

A fellow warrior from my days with 3rd Battalion 8th Marines, I knew from day one when I decided to start the weekly interviews that I wanted Andrew to be numero uno. The motivator, an inspirational leader, and of course a downright dragon breather of veteran support. I think you understand, so let’s kick it.


Tell us a little about yourself and why you do what you do

I was born in Tennessee and raised in NH. As a child I went to boarding school, attended college. Once I joined the Marine Corps, I ended up doing 4 years in the infantry. Additionally, I also was a chef for ten years. Now I am retired with dual diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and alcoholism. Most importantly though, I love helping Veterans.

What does Irreverent Warriors mean to you

Irreverent Warriors was the key that helped get my life back on track. Without this organization, there is no telling where my life would be at this point, if there is one. We have an important goal in mind that drives the foundation of Irreverent Warriors, by bringing Veterans together. For me, I believe the the best support for a Veteran, is another Veteran.

Why is Veteran Outreach so important to you

Having a program with outreach is important. A lot of people may not understand this, but sometimes it takes a while to ask for help. It took me all of 18 years to figure it out. The great thing about Veterans Outreach, it enables these vets, helps us, become useful yet again.

How is serving outside of the military different than serving inside

It’s a little bit different. The work I do gives me my compassion and empathy back. While I was active duty in the Marine Corps, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was a robot, doing what others thought was important compared to now, where I have a focus and can pursue it.

What’s one thing you miss about the military

Too easy! Much like many the other veterans out there, I miss my boys.

What’s one thing you don’t miss about the military

Again, too easy! I do NOT miss the games. The hurry up and wait. The hours upon hours in formation or sitting at the armory. LOL!

If you could give a piece of advice to a veteran going through a rough time, what would it be

No question about it, if you, or someone you know is going through a hard time, ask for help. Call people!!

If there is one thing you want our readers to remember, what would it be

No matter the problem, or the need. If someone needs assistance, I will bend over backwards to help a Veteran in trouble.

Anything else you would like to share.

You are doing a great thing brother! Thanks for having me on your site and helping the outreach for vets. Look forward to your books and work in the future.

How can the readers follow you on social media and your organization

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Jeffrey Sabins is a Marine, award winning content writer, and author of the military thriller The American Terrorist. A professionally proven infantryman, Jeffrey has spent the last sixteen years conducting over 5 combat deployments, training young Marines, and experiencing life changing moments that allows him to write giving his characters palpable spark! Not only has he experienced the worst moments of war, but also has seen challenges on the homefront as well. Preparing for the day in November of 2009, his son Carter was discovered to have a brain tumor. Through these constant struggles, Jeffrey continues to share his experiences and ensure that others facing these hardships can see the good. Jeffrey continues to spread awareness and share reflections on his website Jeffrey currently has a B.A. in Terrorism Studies, finishing his M.S. in Leadership, and has other profesional certificates to aid him in his writing journey. Jeffrey is the recipient of the 2009 Carlos Hathcock Award, The Purple Heart, and numerous personal awards. Additionally, he has conducted operations in over 14 countries worldwide.


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