Purple Heart Recipient Gunnery Sergeant Sabins Tells His Story

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The Purple Heart was introduced in 1782 by General George Washington as a military badge of merit. In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the Purple Heart to be presented to all military services. U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jeffrey A. Sabins, training chief for Headquarters and Support Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command, talks about his story, and sheds some light on the meaning of the Purple Heart.

Jeffrey Sabins

Jeffrey Sabins is a Marine, award winning content writer, and author of the military thriller The American Terrorist. A professionally proven infantryman, Jeffrey has spent the last sixteen years conducting over 5 combat deployments, training young Marines, and experiencing life changing moments that allows him to write giving his characters palpable spark! Not only has he experienced the worst moments of war, but also has seen challenges on the homefront as well. Preparing for the day in November of 2009, his son Carter was discovered to have a brain tumor. Through these constant struggles, Jeffrey continues to share his experiences and ensure that others facing these hardships can see the good. Jeffrey continues to spread awareness and share reflections on his website Jeffsabins.com Jeffrey currently has a B.A. in Terrorism Studies, finishing his M.S. in Leadership, and has other profesional certificates to aid him in his writing journey. Jeffrey is the recipient of the 2009 Carlos Hathcock Award, The Purple Heart, and numerous personal awards. Additionally, he has conducted operations in over 14 countries worldwide.


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