Seven Places That You Can Find Hate

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Here’s the thing, I often don’t write posts like this, but something has been eating away at me, so I wanted to see how it went. This virus has people going crazy, allowing the lesser half of their judgement to take over for any sort of common sense approach they have. People tend to believe that they are compassionate, but fail to help the person next to them from suffering.

I watched an elderly man drop a $100 bill on the ground while fishing for cash to pay his cable bill. Immediately, people pointed and grabbed each other. Whispering away as though they were spies of the nation, knowing nobody knew what they were planning. Grinning, from ear to ear, waiting for their moment. Until I picked it up and put it inside the window of the cable company, asking the woman wearing gloves what the mans name was and asked her to hold onto it. Walking to his vehicle, ensuring I gave him distance because of his fear of the virus, I informed him of his situation. Thanking me, he went to get his money. I drove off, just to make sure he didn’t try to compensate me. As I drove off, the glares were obvious. I, somehow in this present time, was the bad guy.

Seven Places That You Can Find Hate

I unquestionably HATE that war is addictive

The addiction of war is stronger than any drug, forcing people to do unimaginable things to get back. Haunting them by night, fueling their soul by day. When new joins arrive, they beg to know when they will start their addiction.

I hate that people CAN suffer from unavoidable experiences

I can’t help but look at a homeless person and wonder how they got their. If they were like me years ago, somehow falling through the cracks of society. A fire, divorce, PTSD, it’s hard to tell.

I hate that children can BE tossed aside as if they were a broken toy

How can people harm their children. Kids are being murdered by mothers, fathers, step-parents, grand-parents, how can it be? These new souls to the world have to way to defend, only to suffer.

Hate can be FOUND much easier than compassion

It’s easier to become angry and hate all, then to feel remorse and compassion instead. How can this be, a majority of humanity will always take the simpler path.

Hate is often found WITHIN ones education rather than their heart

Again with the children, often they can’t help but hate when they are taught this from the moment they can walk. This is something that grows with them, hard to decipher and alter in any way.

EXPERIENCE shows that hate spreads easier than anger

Hate, spreads easier than anger. Anger is something that fades with time, dying with the stress that goes with it. Hate, however, is spread with those that preach it. They cling to each other, finding common interest with what they hate. At times, they hate those they’re not even angry at, only because they were taught to do so.

From the seven, a single term can be deciphered. Something that holds true, more often than not. Unfortunate, but true.

Hate Can Be Found From Within Experience

Jeff Sabins

Jeffrey Sabins

Jeffrey Sabins is a Marine, award winning content writer, and author of the military thriller The American Terrorist. A professionally proven infantryman, Jeffrey has spent the last sixteen years conducting over 5 combat deployments, training young Marines, and experiencing life changing moments that allows him to write giving his characters palpable spark! Not only has he experienced the worst moments of war, but also has seen challenges on the homefront as well. Preparing for the day in November of 2009, his son Carter was discovered to have a brain tumor. Through these constant struggles, Jeffrey continues to share his experiences and ensure that others facing these hardships can see the good. Jeffrey continues to spread awareness and share reflections on his website Jeffrey currently has a B.A. in Terrorism Studies, finishing his M.S. in Leadership, and has other profesional certificates to aid him in his writing journey. Jeffrey is the recipient of the 2009 Carlos Hathcock Award, The Purple Heart, and numerous personal awards. Additionally, he has conducted operations in over 14 countries worldwide.


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