The American Terrorist Series Book 2 “Retaliation” Chapter Preview

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The American Terrorist Series Book 2 "Retaliation" Chapter Preview

I know…I know… y’all are extremely unhappy. Now listen here, life has got in the way, retirement was happening, things kind of got a little hectic. Well, the time has come. Not only is Book 2 of the series well on it’s way for release, but the series is expanding to an even larger perimeter. Gunny Tremble continues to shock the world with his outside the law measures, and “Retaliation” is no different. Enjoy a free The American Terrorist Series Book 2 “Retaliation” Chapter Preview

The American Terrorist Series Book 2 "Retaliation" Chapter Preview

The American Terrorist Series Book 2 “Retaliation” Chapter Preview

“Alright team, let’s figure this out!” General Rogers sternly stated as he walked into the closed off room. Remaining composed, he carefully walked to the head of the table while looking at the large screens hanging on the wall. Every time he witnessed the advancement in technology compared to his time as a newly commissioned officer over forty years ago, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Here’s the deal, not only do I want to know exactly what happened, but there better be a portion of this brief that tells me how it happened too! If I remember correctly, I have been told on multiple occasions we had eyes on our friend the farmer, so being torn away from a family dinner being told he has been murdered, is not my idea of a good time!” Turning around, away from the screens, in order to face his staff, General Rogers looked tired. In his life, having any time to himself, or even with his family, was rarely an accomplishment. 

Almost immediately after Gunnery Sergeant Jared Tremble had devastated the well known terrorist organization called The Army of Islam, his acquired accomplice was quickly put on a farm with an American government oversight. Bashar had helped Jared in his mission, in return Gunny Tremble was adamant that he and his family were quickly shuttled away in the middle of the night and placed somewhere safe, with enough land and overhead for him to stay put, out of danger. Even while going through the cloak and dagger routine to protect Bashar, it seems the anticipated outcome could not be outrun. 

Intelligence reports had been coming in for the past few days, though this necessarily didn’t mean that the General should have been concerned. Instead, this was quite typical for his daily routine. In their line of business, bad news is the common theme. Killing the corrupt for money wasn’t a so-called normal job, just a necessary one. However, the most recent report caused a reaction outside the norm, this was likely going to get Jared’s attention.

Certain names were flagged in the system to produce immediate alerts to key players. Bashar’s name was one of them, especially when it involved him and his entire family being murdered on their farm. His death is not what was causing concern for the General though, he could actually care less. One less detail to provide, one less expenditure to account for. The real concern was the person doing the killing. The General’s team had thought he was dead, long ago before Gunny Tremble was ever a thought in the mind of Adir.

“Let’s go ahead and begin,” stated General Rogers as he sat down in his chair, awaiting the facts from his staff.

“Well General, this is definitely not doing us any favors. While having Bashar off the grid and no longer being our problem could be a good outcome, the issue at hand is the person pulling the trigger,” stated the General’s Chief of Staff. A SES employee, the civilian counterpart had been with the General for over a decade, offering sound advice and unwavering opinions. Everyone called him Duncan, something he didn’t take likely. If anyone called him sir, or Mr., he would very quickly let them know it wasn’t something he approved of. The simple aspect that led everyone to look up to him, he wasn’t scared or taken back by General Rogers. He knew that the General needed someone to give him the no B.S. tangible evidence, and General Rogers loved him for it. 

“Do we have anything showing us his face Duncan?” General Rogers asked while turning towards his Chief Of Staff. 

“Yes Sir, we do,” quickly returned Duncan as he waved his left hand towards the tech officer to his left and pointed to one of the big screens for the General with his right. An overhead recording came on the screen, showing a devastating scene played out below. As a small vehicle went airborne on a piece of farmland, Bashar could be seen thrown from the car. As he laid there for a few moments, a figure appeared into the screen from the bottom left corner of the screen. Slowly walking towards Bashar, one could see a small hand held weapon in his right hand. After what seemed an eternity of the two talking, a commotion on the screen occurred, one that could be assumed as firing a gun. 

After shooting Bashar, the individual looked up into the sky, as if looking directly into a camera he knew was there. With a smile on his face, the video quickly froze. As everyone in the room appeared to be holding their breath, the silence was broken. Looking around the room slowly, General Rogers looked into everyone’s eyes before stopping on Duncan’s face. 

“That, General, is our friend Zubair. Adir’s long lost, assumed to be dead son. While we had assumed he was killed in the MOAB operation years ago, it appears we were gravely wrong. While he was likely staying in hiding in order to make it appear as he was dead, the murder of his father and organization likely forced his reckoning,” Duncan began to explain. 

“What we don’t know is what his next action appears to be. We have no idea how much money he has in his name, who he is helping or working with, where he has been for the last ten years, nothing. We have absolutely zero idea what to find out about this guy, as we had all thought he was dead all this time. However, we do know one thing,” Duncan stated while raising his left hand again. 

Suddenly, the video began to run again, with Zubair turning away from the feed and walking over to Bashars burning car. While the explosion was large enough to cause damage, it was small enough to keep the vehicle intact. While it had settled back on all four tires, Zubair pulled something out of the inside pocket of his jacket. Standing on the hood of the car, he began to make a large writing motion with his right arm. Looking like a teenager tagging a building, he appeared to be painting something on the hood of the car. 

After about thirty seconds, Zubair tossed the item in his hand and jumped off the hood of the burning car. While the image was blurry, the General could make out the letters on the top of the car. 


“What is that?” asked General Rogers.

“Well Sir, it’s the Arabic word antiqam,” respond Duncan quickly.

“Okay, anyone want to tell me what that means?” General Rogers asked. 

“Simply put Sir, the word means a few different things. Requital, nemesis, things like that. However, the original meaning is evident here,” Duncan replied.

“And?” General Rogers stated impatiently. 

“It means…Retaliation”

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